acetylene cylinder filling plant

The Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant is designed for maximum carbide yield and high efficiency. The rated plant capacity is from 15 to 200 kg per hour depends on model selected. The acetylene plant is constructed and inspected with a best practice policy that meets the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes. It is also designed to NFPA 51A: “Standards for Acetylene Charging Plants 2006”. Equipped with all of the safety features found only in Hi-Tech’s plants, The Plant is optimized for low building and installation costs. This acetylene plant is skid mounted with the generator mounted on one skid and the process equipment installed on a second skid.

The medium pressure generator is the highly efficient “SCREW FEED” type capable of using calcium carbide of graded size from 4 mm up to 50 mm with a maximum dust content of 15%. The recommended carbide size is 15 X 25 mm. The generator has automatic water inlet, residue agitation and residue slurry discharge. The generator comes complete with a double 110 kg capacity hoppers which is recharged by exposing only the hopper to atmospheric pressure. The balance of the system remains sealed, permitting fast recharging with calcium chloride and a quick return to charging cylinders.
The process skid consists of equipment to cool the acetylene and to produce acetylene that is 99.6% pure. Laboratory grade acetylene purity is based on USA/UK grade calcium carbide or the equivalent being used.Two 20 to 240 cylinder manifolds come with main isolation valves, flame arresters and flexible cylinder filling leads that have non-return check valves. Hand wheels with nipples that use o-rings to seal make the connection of cylinders quicker. A motor control center is used to control all automated processes of the acetylene plant. Also having facility of remote controlling by local area connection

The Main Parts of Acetylene Generator


The Generator has all the safety features- temperature safety instrument, water inlet control, high water shut off, low water level alarm, automatic carbide feeding, automatic residue discharge, and over pressurization safety relief valves. A Double hopper of approximately 110 kg feeds the carbide as needed, producing approximately 50 to 280 m3 of acetylene per charge depends on model selected.

Cooler Condenser

The acetylene gas passes through a cooler condenser to lower the temperature with help of recirculated cross flow cooling water.

Low Pressure Drier

The acetylene gas passes through a low pressure drier to remove water particles that gets evaporated during carbide reaction.


The gas travels through a purifier to remove impurities that otherwise would collect in the cylinders, reducing the acetylene absorbing capability. The purifier and scrubber also assist in removing impurities like Hydrogen sulphide and phosgene etc. that build up in the flame arresters, causing blocking and check valve malfunctions.

Ammonia Scrubber

The ammonia scrubber removes 99% of the ammonia that develops during the acetylene generating process. Removing ammonia prevents amines from
forming and clogging flame arresters and cylinders.


A 3 stage compressor increases the acetylene pressure from 0.4 bars(6 psig) to 24 bars maximum (350 psig). Cooling coils and condensate traps are located at each stage, and the entire assembly of the compressor, with its coils and traps, is submerged in water for maximum cooling of the acetylene gas

Medium Pressure Drier

A medium pressure drier is included for additional drying due to climatic conditions.

High Pressure Driers

The high pressure driers remove moisture and oil picked up during compression. The acetylene then flows through a special filter, flame arrester,
and a back pressure valve before going to the manifold, where every station valve is protected with a flame arrester on each side. A flame arrester, reverse flow check valves, and handwheel connections are on the end of the lead (pigtail) at the cylinder.


Charging of the cylinders can be accomplished in 8-10 hours.

Electrical Controls

Electrical controls include a weather-proof panel with a main disconnect switch, individual motor starters, PLC and disconnect switches. An air compressor is included to supply air for the generator controls, acetone pump, and to reactivate the purifying material. Throughout the entire process, safety devices monitor all operations because safe operation is one of the most important features of the plant. All other plant instructions are included in the “Installation, Operation and Maintenance” manual. Exceeding all competitive models, the plants are extremely safe and highly efficient, obtaining the maximum yield from calcium carbide. In fact, increases in carbide yield have been up to 11% over low pressure plants – even new plants. Yields could be even greater when the Hi-Tech used to replace outdated plants.

Acetylene Generator

acetylene generator

Plant unique Features 

  • Completely Pre-Piped & Skid Mounted.
  • Containerized Shipments right from factory.
  • Critical process parameters monitored and recorded and recorded every 500 milliseconds.
  • Automatic shutdown for in case of high Temperature,High Pressure,High Water level etc.
  • Designed in accordance with local standards.
  • Automatic and unattended operation.
  • On-site start-up Training and assistance by Hi-tech’s Engineered Solutions technicians anywhere in the world.

General Layout Installation View of Acetylene Plant

general layout acetylene plant
The Advantages

Hi-Tech’s Acetylene Plants can be opearted and maintained without extensive technical knowledge or training.our easy to follow manuals,drawings,videos and on-site training will enable your staff to properly calibrate and maintain the whole system.routine maintenance is limited to normal compressor up-keep and periodic cleaning and replacement of filter elements only.

  • Modern–Plant is designed with standard Safety practice from NFPA,CSB,FDA etc.
  • Economical–Higher Acetylene Gas Yields with small plant foot-print and lower initial costs.
  • Compact–The plant Doesn’t required any bulky gas holder system & consumes very less space.
  • Efficient–compact design with PLC Operation controls all plant parameters.
  • Easy Installation–The Plant arrives on pre-piped skids for minimum on-site assembly & installation.
  • Safe–The Plant operation and critical points like Level,temperature & Pressure is controlled by an intelligent industrial grade PLC,Hence Provides an Un-equalled protection to acetylene filling plants.

Technical Details

A Full Line of Standard Capacity acetylene generators available

our generators provide from 20 to 200 kg per hour of acetylene, use the following table to determine which model is most suitable for your application-

 Specifications?  Model? HTA-20 HTA-50 HTA-100 HTA-150 HTA-200
Capacity 20 Kg/Hr 50 Kg/Hr 100 Kg/Hr 150 Kg/Hr 200 Kg/Hr
Operating   Pressure 0.5 Bars G 0.5 Bars G 0.5 Bars G 0.5 Bars G 0.5 Bars G
Purity* 99.6% V/V 99.6% V/V 99.6% V/V 99.6% V/V 99.6% V/V
Startup Time 5 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes 5 Minutes
Carbide Size 17-15 15-25 mm 15-25 mm 15-25mm 25-50 mm
Cylinders Filled per Batch** 24 58 116 174 232
Connected Power 10 KW 15 KW 35 KW 50 KW 65 KW

*using USA/UK grade Calcium carbide having Max 15% Dust Concentration; ** A batch is of 8 Hours and Cylinders having 7 kg acetylene capacity.

Note- Custom built models also available, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.