About Hi tech

Hi-Tech, Specialized in Design & Manufacturing of Gas Generators for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon di-oxide Generation Plants/ Cylinder Filling Generators. Hi-Tech is one of the global Leading Manufacturer for Designing & Manufacturing all types of Onsite Gas Generators or Plants or its Systems and Installed around 350 Generators/ plants worldwide.


To provide the most technologically advance & Affordable Oxygen, Nitrogen, Acetylene, Nitrous Oxide, Carbon di-oxide Production system currently available around the Globe.

Our portfolio consists of different types of Gas Generators/Plants as following

  • PSA / VPSA Oxygen Nitrogen Plants
  • Cryogenic Oxygen / Nitrogen / Argon Plants
  • Acetylene Plants
  • Nitrous Oxide Plant
  • Carbon Di-Oxide Plants
  • Re-liquifiers for oxygen, Nitrogen & Argon
  • Storage Tanks
  • Custom Built plants


Quality is of prime concern to us, Plants Designed are Instrically Safe, compact, reliable and are highly efficient and deliver high levels of performance at all times. Our Manufactured Plants Confirmed to following Quality Standards-

  • ASME Sec. VII Div. I
  • AD-Merkbatter
  • EN-13445
  • CE

Please keep in our mind that our line is very flexible and expanding daily. If you do not see what you need in our site. Contact us and most likely we can fill the requirement. We excel in finding and satisfying unusual requirement. Profit from over 40+ years experience in Equipments, Test us with an order. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Management, Hi-Tech Engineered Solutions