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A hydrostatic test is a way in which pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, boilers and fuel tanks can be tested for strength and leaks. The test involves ?lling the vessel or pipe system with a liquid, usually water, which may be dyed to aid in visual leak detection, and pressurization of the vessel to the speci?ed test pressure.

Dependable, Easy to operate Testing Pump

Complete Testing Panel with inbuilt Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Pump, Electric Motor, on/off switches, Glass Burettes, high-pressure bleed valves, Pressure Gauges and inbuilt pipelines for testing vessels as per direct expansion Test Method or Water jacket test method

Includes –

  • Enamel Painted Steel Cabinet
  • Soft Seated Check Valves
  • Pressure Pulsation Dampener
  • Two 750ml Burette Tubes (standard)
  • Valves -Tubing – Hoses To Complete System
  • High / Low-Pressure Bleed Valves and Safety Relief valves
  • 2 Nos. of Class 3A, 1/4% Accuracy Pressure Gauges of 6″ Diameter
  • Pump Stainless Steel Water Section with Contaminant Free Design

Testing Pump Panel with inbuilt Testing Pump

cylinder testing panels

Cylinder Vise

cylinder vises

For Removal and Insertion of Tapered Threaded Valves Into and Out of Industrial Gas Cylinders Manually


  • Unique “Center Pull” Design Eliminates Belt Slippage
  • Designed for portable or full size cylinders
  • Rubber Belted to Protect Cylinder Finish
  • Removable Shelf Plate
  • Accepts Cylinder Diameters From 4″ to 12″
  • Steel Base frame Plate with Mounting Holes

For Removal and Insertion of Tapered Threaded Valves Into and out of Industrial Gas Cylinders under a Controlled torque electrically.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Adjustable Torque Limit Control With Override
  • 1400 Nm of servo Powered Torque
  • Adjustable Wrench Quick Coupled to Telescoping Wrench Arm
  • Pneumatic/Manually Operated Vise
  • Accepts Cylinders to 12″ Diameter
  • Accepts cylinders to 156″ Length
  • Enclosed Operating Control Panel
  • 36″ x 48″ Steel base Plate With Mounting Holes

Valving / Devalving machine

Cylinder valving machines

Cylinder Drier and Inversion Racks

Cylinder dryers

For use of inverting cylinders to expel test water and drying moisture inside a cylinder.


  • Heavy steel construction
  • Enamel paint ?nish
  • Four Cylinder Points for Full-Size Cylinders
  • 1 H.P. Electric Motor
  • 3KW Temperature Controlled Heating Element
  • Will Dry Cylinders in 30-40 Minutes (variable)

Technical Details

A full Line of Hydrostatic Pumps are available

Our Hydrostatic pump provides a testing pressure ranging from 300 to 1000 Bars, Use the following Table to determine which model is most suitable for your application




TS-100 TS-80 TS-40 TS-28
Testing Fluid Water Water Water Water
Capacity 100 LPH 80 LPH 40 LPH 25 LPH
Max Test Pressure 300 Bars 450 Bars 750 Bars 1000 Bars
Pump Motor Power 1 KW 1.5 KW 2 KW 3.5 KW
Water Jacket Size 24” * 72” 24” * 72” 24” * 72” 24” * 72”
Water Jacket Lid Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic
Cylinder Vise Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic Manual / Pneumatic
No.of Cylinder in Dryer 4 Nos. 4 Nos. 4 Nos. 4 Nos.
Pump Motor Power 1 KW 1.5 KW 2 KW 3.5 KW
Total Power Connected 5 KW 5.5 KW 6 KW 8 KW


Note- Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice Custom Built models also available

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