Plants Modifications

Our engineers take on the task of handling the modification and revamp of your facilities, including all technical and organizational issues.

If a modification or a revamp of a plant becomes necessary – whether due to technological, economic or operational reasons – Hi-Tech’s Customer Services has the required know-how. Our experts take care of all necessary measures, including the realization of very complex plant modifications. You benefit not only from the necessary technological know-how and reliable execution, but you always get the appropriate solution for your individual requirements as well.

Your benefits-

  • Safe and reliable execution by an experienced technology and execution partner
  • An optimal solution that meets your requirements thanks to the comprehensive technological expertise– from small to very large modifications

Our service offer

 Feasibility studies

  • Preparation of studies for the modification and revamp of existing plant
  • Operational improvements

Plant modification and revamp

All work relevant for modifications of existing plants, e.g.:

  • Modernisation of the process control system
  • Retrofitting of plant components
  • Capacity increase/de-bottlenecking
  • Optimisation of energy consumption
  • Optimisation of availability
  • Adjustment to legal requirements
  • Lifetime extension
  • Changes in feedstock and products of the plant

Plant relocation

  • Concept
  • Dismantling
  • Transport
  • Re-assembly
  • Commissioning