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Customer- Clinique International de Tunics

Plant Type- Medical Oxygen

Capacity- 2x20Nm3/hr

Working Pressure- 5 Bars

Location- Tunsia

Application- Medical Oxygen to Hospital Via Central Gas Line


Customer- Industrial Gas

Plant Type- Medical Oxygen

Capacity- 2 Nm3/hr

Working Pressure- 85 Bars

Location- Portugal

Application- Medical Oxygen in Bottles

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Customer- Samoa Metals

Plant Type- Nitrogen

Capacity- 8 Nm3/hr

Working Pressure- 6 Bars

Location- Samoa

Application- Nitrogen Per Blankeeting

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Customer- Universal Institute of Medical & Sciences

Plant Type- Medical Oxygen

Capacity- 25Nm3/m

Working Pressure-  5 Bars

Location- Nepal

Application- Medical oxygen to Hospital via Central Gas Line

Air compressor systems

Customer- Federal Government of Nigeria

Plant Type- Medical Oxygen

Capacity- 50Nm3/hr

Working Pressure- 200 Bars

Location- Nigeria

Application- High Pressure Medical oxygen for Military Hospital Use.

oxygen medical plant

Customer- Global Gases

Plant Type-Containerized Oxygen Plant


Working Pressure-200 Bars


Application-High Pressure for Medical Oxygen

  • This installation was only a pilot project. It was very successful and we are ready to purchase such systems in future expansions of company as well.

    Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina
  • We choose an acetylene & carbon Di oxide generator form Hi-Tech because it gave us several advantages to a Gas Cylinder supply. The system is more reliable with higher quantity, Safety and purity output. At the same time, maintenance is simpler with reduced cost for replacing parts, especially automation valves.

    Ayana saraki
    Ayana saraki
    Central Africa
  • Acetylene is used with Oxygen for metal fabrication. We uses generators to produce acetylene and oxygen at our site for our needs, saving over 80% of gas cost. We are very grateful for the support of Hi-Tech and reliability of their Plants.

    Ferry Zohu
    Ferry Zohu
    Paupa New Guinea
  • Our company buyed 15kg/hr acetylene generator from Hi-Tech for a pilot chemical plant in Novosibirsk in 2011 and we have been thrilled with the performance safety of this generator even after two years all devices are working very functionally Cost of Repairs only worth 10,000 Euros, It has operated flawlessly and exceeded our expectations.

    Paupa New Guinea
  • We have purchased Model HTA-100 & HTO-250 from Hi-Tech, Acetylene Plant interference of SCADA system is really worth. Hi-tech’s aftersales client service is top notch and they are always willing to help us, no matter the issue at hand (even if it may be after business hours). It’s the people that really make aftersales services worthwhile

    Juan Montes
    Juan Montes
  • Our company has been installing and servicing the Hi-Tech Plants generators with considerable success in Indonesia since 2010. The introduction of modular acetylene plant, Allowing us easy plant expansion and instant adaptation to customer requirements, has increased our dominating market share with over 100 systems installed so far. We have selected Hi-Tech as partner because of their superior product quality, their loyalty and their continuous support to increase our business.

    East Asia