We have tried to answer as many of the most frequently asked questions(F.A.Q.) as possible or refer you to other sources of information that may help. If you have a question that is not shown here please contact us.

What are the key benefits of on-site gas compared to delivered gas?

You save up to 80% on the cost of the nitrogen or oxygen compared to buying Oxygen / Nitrogen in bulk Payback is usually under 18 months, and the product has a typical lifetime of over 10 years. A constant supply is ensured: you never have to worry about a delivery not getting to you in time again save space & minimize risk and handling errors: no need for gas bottles/liquid nitrogen tank in the yard simplify administration to save time & money with no weekly deliveries to managed very low running costs: uses your compressed air supply.

Are Oxygen / nitrogen generators safe?

Yes, As the generator does not add or take anything away from the atmospheric air, you could have one running in a closed room with no change to the overall content of the atmosphere. They also negate the need to store and move potentially dangerous high pressure cylinders on site.

Will getting a quote mean lots of meetings with engineers, or searching for lots of facts & figures?

No, in order for us to size & price a system for you, we need 4 things:

  • The required flow of nitrogen/oxygen
  • The required purity of nitrogen/oxygen
  • The input pressure of your compressed air supply
  • The pressure of the nitrogen/oxygen used in your application

Why don’t more companies have generators?

Traditionally, on-site gas generators were only economically viable in very large applications. With constant development, today’s high efficiency products ensure that generators are economically viable for the smallest of applications, and an ever increasing number of companies are moving to generate their own nitrogen and oxygen.

Can Hi-Tech supply and install a complete on-site gas generation system with compressed air supply?

Yes, Hi-Tech can handle everything from air intake to pipework.  Please check our Typical Installation for more information.

Can I put oxygen and Acetylene gas Plant in same room?

Yes, if oxygen and Acetylene gas Plants are in the same room they must be separated by 20 ft or a barrier of noncombustible material at least 5 ft high having a fire rating of ½ hr.

When am I required to use a flashback arrestor?

A wet or dry flashback is required to perform the following 3 functions:
(a) Prevent backflow of oxygen into the fuel gas supply system;
(b) Prevent the passage of flame into the fuel gas supply system (flashback):
(c) Prevent the development of a fuel gas-oxygen mixture at sufficient pressure so that its ignition would achieve combustion pressures that could cause failure to perform functions (a) and (b).

Can Hi-Tech build a custom Generator for me?

Yes Hi-tech builds many custom Generators to many specifications. Please contact customer service.

Can Hi-Tech build a Generator to fill High Pressure cylinders?

Yes, Hi-Tech can built a generator to boost acetylene gas up-to high pressures and can be customized per customer needs.

Can Hi-Tech work with engineering firms or architects to help come up with the appropriate system?

Yes, Hi-Tech has the qualified technical people to look at specification requirements to help with sizing and suggesting the appropriate need.

What others Products Does Hi- Tech Manufacture ?

We manufacture a complete range of products to suit your gas requirements liks Oxygen, Nitrogen CO2, N2O Plants etc.