Our training offer ensures that your employees are always up to date in terms of technology, safety and plant operation.

 Hi-Tech Customer Services is the link to the latest standards and findings from our own technology development. At the same time, we can rely on experiences that are based on the installation of more than 300 plants worldwide. With the help of our trainings, you can leverage the entire know-how of directly for the instruction of your operating personnel.

Your benefits

  • Direct access to the latest information and findings
  • Instructions and trainings based on long practical experience

Our service offer

Instruction of the operating personnel

  • Assessment of the operating personnel’s need for training
  • Safety, directives, standards and guidelines
  • Control and electrical system
  • Heat exchanger: Function and maintenance
  • Plant process
  • Plant operation (e.g. start-up and shutdown)
  • Spare part management
Scads trainings