Maintaince repair

Regular maintenance of plants and machinery reduces the risk of failure and minimizes downtime. Taking the right measures is essential to achieving highest availability.

Frequent inspections, as well as the diagnosis of essential plant components, are suitable methods of preventing unplanned plant downtimes. Based on our technical expertise and special diagnosis tools, we can provide support and advice in this area. Should a malfunction of your plant occur, all the same, we can help you with the repair of essential components. For this, we have an emergency team within our manufacturing unit that has the right qualifications, experience, certificates, and tools to quickly help you with the required repair work. Moreover, we organize technology-based maintenance work for you, particularly the replacement of essential consumables such as molecular sieves, adsorbent materials, and catalysts.

Your benefits

  • Qualified analysis and consulting based on our technical expertise
  • Optimal execution of repairs by qualified manufacturing experts
  • An optimal value for money and quick delivery of essential consumables
  • Full welding expertise with all relevant certificates

Our service offer

Repairs and troubleshooting

  • Emergency repairs
  • Welding work on components such as heat exchangers and cold boxes of oxygen plants


Procurement and replacement of consumables such as molecular sieves, adsorbent materials, and catalysts

Inspection and diagnosis

  • Review of the condition of the plant and of essential components
  • Heat exchanger lifetime prognosis
  • Assessment of plant safety equipment
  • Plant assessments