hi tech Services

Our in-depth technological expertise, along with our long experience, makes Hi-Tech an ideal partner for a smooth and efficient operation of your plant.

 With a broad range of services, Hi-Tech’s Engineers supports you in the best possible way by minimizing the total cost of ownership of your plant. This starts with reduced investment cost through the application of suitable technology, through modularization of important components and by consolidating our strengths in a global network.

 The bulk of the total cost of ownership, however, arises during the operating phase – typically about 70 % in the case of air separation plants and even more than 80% for Hydrogen Plants. These are predominantly energy costs, but significant costs are also generated by downtimes, maintenance work, repairs and spare part management. Along with an optimal plant operation, adjusting the plant specifically to your requirements can in some cases considerably reduce these costs.

 Based on our well-proven plant engineering know-how, our service portfolio addresses all main drivers for cost reduction after commissioning. If you are looking to maximise your competitive advantage, you will certainly profit from our experts’ experience.

 Hi-Tech’s Customer Services is available to you all over the world.

Typical Cost of Ownership of Cryogenic Oxygen Plant.