The Small/Transportable Nitrous Oxide Cylinder Filling Plant is designed for maximum Nitrous Oxide yield and high efficiency. The rated plant capacity is from 5 to 50 kg per hour depends on model selected. The Nitrous Oxide plant is constructed and inspected with a best practice policy that meets the intent of design principles and manufacturing practices from Section VIII of the ASME codes.

Equipped with all of the safety features found only in Hi-Tech’s plants, The Plant is optimized for low building and installation costs. This Nitrous Oxide plant is skid mounted and completely automatic in operation

Two 4 to 20 cylinder manifolds come with main isolation valves, flame arresters and flexible cylinder filling leads that have non-return check valves. Hand wheels with nipples that use o-rings to seal make the connection of cylinders quicker. A motor control center is used to control all automated processes of the Nitrous Oxide plant. Also having facility of remote controlling by local area connection

nit compressor

Nitrous Oxide Compressor

The Main Parts of Nitrous Oxide Plant

  • Melter and Reactor

This decomposition of ammonium nitrate in water can start at temperatures around 210°C (410°F) depending on reactor design, concentration and purity of ammonium nitrate catalysers and stabilizer It would take a relatively long time to naturally reach the thermal equilibrium set point (generally between 250°C and 255°C (482°F and 491°F)). To accelerate the starting process the ammonium nitrate solution is heated in the reactor to approximately 240°C (464°F).

  • Condenser

The gas leaving the reactor is water saturated and passes through a condenser for removal of the condensate.

The condensed water contains ammonium nitrate and nitric acid and can be reused. It should be purified before discharge, according to national regulations.

  • Purification towers (Water, Sodium Hydroxide & Acid Scrubber)

The gas leaving the condenser contains impurities produced by decomposition of the ammonium nitrate. The purification is carried out in absorption towers by washing the gas with chemical solutions re-circulated by pumps in a closed circuit

  • Moisture Separator

Gas from Purification Towers has condensate moisture that can be extracted in Moisture Separator

  • Gasholder

The gasholder if used can be either a gasometer (water sealed bell) or a gas bag (balloon). It acts as a compensator for the variations between the gas production from the reactor and the consumption by the compressor in order to ensure a constant gas flow to the compressor.

  • Compressor

Product is fed to the compressor either directly or from the gas holder, A Three stage non lubricated reciprocating compressor increases the Nitrous Oxide pressure up-to working pressure . Cooling coils and condensate traps are located at each stage, and the entire assembly of the compressor, with its coils and traps, is submerged in water for maximum cooling of the Nitrous Oxide gas due to heat of compression

  • Drying unit

The drying unit removes by adsorption the water vapour from the compressed gas. The unit contains two or more adsorbers filled with alumina, silica-gel or molecular sieve. The adsorbers are connected in a parallel arrangement allowing continuous operation, with one line in adsorption mode and the other in regeneration mode.

For regeneration the adsorber shall be depressurised; the gas is returned to the gasholder or should be used. Regeneration is accomplished by means of hot hydrocarbon-free gas.

  • High Pressure Buffer Storage

Nitrous oxide is Stored in Three number of pressure vessels  or pressure tanks at a pressure of 15 Bars for buffer for liquefaction unit.

  • Liquefaction Unit

The nitrous oxide is liquefied by a refrigerant at temperatures down to  –20°C

  • Cylinder Filling Ramp

Charging of the cylinders can be accomplished as per user requirement, cylinder filling ramps are split in 2 Pcs each ramp of 5 to 50 point installed with pressure gauge, master valves, filters cum flash back assessor , pressure safety, Isolation over each point, and tail pipe for filling to cylinders and are mounted over MS Ramp

  • Electrical Controls

Electrical controls include a weather-proof panel with a main disconnect switch, individual motor starters, PLC and disconnect switches. An air compressor is included to supply air for the control valves of plant

Throughout the entire process, safety devices monitor all operations because safe operation is one of the most important features of the plant. All other plant instructions are included in the “Installation, Operation and Maintenance” manual. Exceeding all competitive models, the plants are extremely safe and highly efficient, obtaining the maximum yield from Ammonium nitrate. In fact, increases in carbide yield have been up to 110% over Traditional plants.


  • Material of Construction
    All Acid resistant Stainless Steel Material of construction
  • Easy Installation
    Nitrous Oxide Plant arrives on skids pre-piped. Even in the most inclement or freezing Weather, installation is simpler because of minimum on-site assembly.
  • Safe
    Safe operation is the most important feature of Our plants. Hi-Tech’s flame arresters and reverse flow check valves provide unequalled protection in the cylinder filling process. Devices for added protection are similar to those found ONLY in our Nitrous Oxide plants.
  • Advanced engineering techniques; developed by Hi-tech
    are the most modern in Nitrous Oxide plants worldwide, Controlled by Siemens S7 PLC Processor
  • Economical
    with the same high Nitrous Oxide yield as other Hi-Tech plants, the Plants are smaller,more compact, and less costly than larger capacity plants.
  • Compact
    requires far less space than any competitive model of the same capacity
  • Efficient
    the smaller area reduces excess walking and rolling of cylinders.
  • Local filling
    reduces the need for additional cylinders as fast refill increases the effective use of cylinders

Our Plant Features


Standard Features of Nitrous Oxide Plants

  1. Meets Worldwide Manufacturing Standards of Nitrous Oxide.
  2. Dependable Highest Reliability with Energy Efficiency.
  3. Compact design with Easy and Simple Controls.
  4. Automatic operation-one touch start up and shut down.
  5. Ready to use upon delivery.
  6. Touchscreen Control Panel.
  7. Easy to maintain with Continuously monitored Purity & Flow.
  8. Optional Remote Control or GSM Interface.

Plant Unique Features

  • Completely Pre-Piped & Skid Mounted.
  • Containerized Shipments right from factory.
  •  Critical process parameters monitored and recorded every 500 milliseconds.
  • Automatic shutdown for in case of high Temperature, High Pressure, High/Low Water Level etc.
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas confirms to USA / European Pharmacopeia.
  • Automatic and unattended operation.
  • On-site start-up Training and assistance by Hi-Tech’s Engineered Solutions technicians anywhere in the World.

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