standard oxygen cylinder filling

95% Pure Oxygen Generator with Cylinder Filling: Hi-Tech has a wide range of Oxygen filling stations used for filling cylinders of any size up to 200 bar. The filling capacity ranges from 2 to 200 cylinders per day.

The system can be set up to fill the hospital pipeline directly and use the filling ramp as a backup system. Oxygen cylinders can be filled simultaneously or during hours with low consumption.


  • No Raw Material
    There is no Raw Material Required to produce Industrial/Medical grade Oxygen, as plant uses air from atmosphere to separate oxygen from Processed air
  • Quality & Durability
    Each Generator is Analyzed & Tested over Latest CFD Software for dynamic loading in order to ensure Quality product with SMART Productivity of Oxygen Gas.
  • Oxygen on demand
    Production of oxygen at the specified flow and purity for a short time of demand by simple push button.
  • Energy efficiency
    The PSA process is characterized by low specific energy consumption. Easy partial load operation PSA Generators are fully automatically adjusted to the actual product flow requirements and operate in an energy-saving partial load mode.
  • Platform Mounted
    Generator is supplied Pre-piped over a platform in order to cuts down installation time, only to connect compressor line and plant is ready to use
  • High availability
    PSA Generator provide supreme availability by using reliable components such as Screw Compressors proprietary switching valves.
  • Fully automatic operation
    The PLC based control system with its sophisticated software controls purity and flow by adjusting the cycle time automatically.

General Features of Oxygen Generators Available- 

  •  Meets Worldwide Manufacturing Standards
  •  Cost Saving of up-to 80% from Liquid/Cylinder supply
  •  Dependable Highest Reliability with Energy Efficiency
  •  Compact design with Easy and Simple controls
  •  Pre-piped systems for Easy and simple installation
  •  Automatic operation-one touch start up and shut down
  •  Easily Partial Load Operation in variable Demand Flows
  •  Ready to use upon delivery
  •  Touchscreen Control Panel
  •  Optional Remote Control or GSM Interface
  •  Easy to maintain with Continuously monitored Purity & Flow
  • Optional Cylinder filling Ramp with Emergency Disaster Recovery

Plant Unique features-

  1. Completely Pre-Piped & Skid Mounted.
  2. Containerized Shipments right from factory.
  3. Critical process parameters monitored and recorded every 500 milliseconds.
  4. Automatic turndown capability from 100% to 0% flow capacity.
  5. Designed in accordance with local standards.
  6. Automatic and unattended operation.
  7. On-site start-up assistance by Hi-Tech’s Engineered Solutions technicians anywhere in the World.

The Scope of Supply-

Scope of supply mainly comprises of followinng-

  •  Air Compressor
  •  Air Drier with Pre-Filters
  • Absorber vessels with Pre-Piped Skid
  • Specially Selected adsorbent material
  • Oxygen Booster Pump with Cylinder filling manifold
  • Touchscreen Control system
  • Oxygen product analyzer
  • Interconnecting pipelines



Atlas Copco Make Screw compressor

Air Compressors

Process Skid

psa oxygen skids

Kaesar Make screw Compressor



A Full Line of Oxygen Generators Available

Our Generators Provides from 1 to 105 Nm3/hr of Oxygen. Use the following Table to determine which model is most suitable to your application.







OH-50 12 50 24 1 3,000 PSI Max. 60 2.4 KW
OH-75 17 75 36 1.5 3,000 PSI Max. 60 3 KW
OH-100 22 100 47 3 3,000 PSI Max. 80 4.8 KW
OH-175 32 175 83 5 3,000 PSI Max. 120 7.8 KW
OH-250 45 250 118 7 3,000 PSI Max. 120 10.8 KW
OH-375 68 375 177 10 3,000 PSI Max. 120 15.6 KW
OH-500 88 500 236 13 3,000 PSI Max. 200 20.28 KW
OH-650 118 650 307 17 3,000 PSI Max. 400 26.52 KW
OH-750 133 750 354 20 3,000 PSI Max. 400 31.2 KW
OH-1000 175 1,000 472 26 3,000 PSI Max. 400 40.56 KW
OH-1250 225 1,250 590 33 3,000 PSI Max. 660 51.48 KW
OH-1500 320 1,500 708 39 3,000 PSI Max. 660 60.84 KW
OH-2000 425 2,000 943 53 3,000 PSI Max. 660 79.2 KW
OH-3000 625 3,000 1,415 79 3,000 PSI Max. 1,060 114 KW
OH-4000 830 4,000 1,890 105 3,000 PSI Max. 1,220 151.2 KW

-Optional 99% purity, Custom Built Models also Available

Note- Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Stated flow in Nm³/hour are for operation with reference to 15°C, 981 mbar.  Inlet pressure 7 barG. Flow variance ±5%Custom Built Models also Available

Capacity of the plant is stated at 30°C ambient air temperature. Variance±5%


Oxygen cylinder Ramp with Automated Change Over (for Power Failure Backup)
SCADA Based Automated Interference
Remote control Mode
Containerized or Trailer Mounted Plant

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