plastics industries

Delivering competitive technical solutions to increase productivity, enhance product quality and meet environmental challenges

Rising environmental pressures are opening up new applications for lighter, more innovative plastic and rubber materials. In many curing and molding applications, for instance, gas and cryogenic solutions represent energy-efficient alternatives to conventional steam techniques.

In addition, increasingly strict regulatory controls on CFCs are restricting or prohibiting the use of certain chemicals. Once again, cryogenic gases can be an environmentally sound way to support your phase-out strategy. And last but not least, they can help you replace hazardous blowing agents.

Full Lifecycle Support

Drawing on our long-standing experience in rubber and plastics, our application engineers will work closely with you to understand your specific needs. Building on our technologies, they will design safe, cost-effective solutions to help you meet rising quality and environmental pressures.

You can rely on our support you at all steps in the project lifecycle with a total gas supply package including:

  • Process consulting, economic analysis and on-site tests
  • Cylinders, tanks, and on-site generators
  • High-pressure and gas metering systems for carbon dioxide or nitrogen
  • Customised injection and control systems, and cooling nozzles
  • On-site start-up assistance and training
  • An optimum foam-blowing solution for your individual application needs.