paper pulp

Investing in the successful development of various unique applications to innovate the pulp and paper industry

Despite the advent of computers and electronic communication, demand for pulp and paper continues to rise worldwide. Given the high capital costs and inevitable drain on natural resources in this business, manufacturers are under strong pressure to maximise cost and process efficiencies while reducing environmental impact wherever possible.

Oxygen can help to achieve these goals. It is indispensable in modern pulp manufacturing, where it is used, for example, in delignification, bleaching and ozone production.

It can also help to increase capacity in the chemical recovery boiler or lime kiln. In addition, oxygen is useful in the forestry sector for wastewater treatment, in particular for odour removal and intensification of the activated sludge process.

Gas Innovations

In cooperation with our customers, we have made substantial investments in recent years, resulting in the successful development of several unique carbon dioxide and oxygen applications.

We offer a range of pulp and paper innovations to help you meet cost and environmental pressures, complemented by training so you can get the most out of your gas applications. Highlights include:

  • Gas-related applications in the fibre line that add value by cutting costs in pulp production
  • Recovery process solutions that improve the overall costs of your mill and reduce its environmental impact
  • Gas-related process technologies in paper manufacturing that facilitate production, enhance quality and reduce environmental impact.