Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Water is a precious and increasingly scarce commodity. Globally, a steady rise in demand for fresh water and the ongoing depletion of usable natural resources, due to rapid urbanisation and economic development, are placing growing pressure on existing reserves. To tackle the scarcity challenge, the world needs more sustainable and, effective water and wastewater management practices and technologies.

Putting our expertise to work for you

We have over 30 years of experience developing and delivering solutions for industrial and municipal market segments to improve the efficiency of existing water treatment facilities and ensure compliance with increasingly strict environmental regulations. Our experts would be happy to advise you on the process technology and supply system best suited to your application challenges, whether you are looking to boost existing capacity or build in more capacity to allow for increased loading. They will also advise you on how best to integrate new solutions into your existing water treatment plants, systems and processes. Building on our long-standing expertise, our global test centres and labs offer proof-of-concept demonstrations and even on-site trials to illustrate the effectiveness of our solutions. Our activities cover all areas of water and wastewater treatment.

All of our water treatment systems come with an appropriate industrial gas supply scheme as standard. Depending on your volume requirements, this may be based on bulk supply or an ECOVAR® on-site generation system.

  • Wastewater treatment
  •  Drinking water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Surface water protection
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Water treatment chemicals