How Acetylene Plant Produce Acetylene
Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plant

The Main Parts of acetylene plants are –

  1. Acetylene Generator
  2. Cooler Condenser
  3. Low Pressure Drier
  4. Acetylene Purifier
  5. Ammonia Scrubber
  6. Acetylene Compressor
  7. H.P. Driers & Filters
  8. Cylinder Filling Ramp

Acetylene Plant video –

Process for making acetylene-

The reaction of Calcium Chloride with Water produces acetylene, calcium hydroxide and heat

CaC2 + 2H2O ? C2H2 + Ca(OH)2 + HEAT

Loose Calcium Carbide is loaded in a cart and feed to hoppers of acetylene Generator, with the help of a carbide feed mechanism rated amount of carbide is reacted with water, as the reaction is instantaneous acetylene is immediately produced with help of a water cooled precooler acetylene is precooled, this cooling causes condensation of water molecules that are removed with help of Acetylene Drier, dry acetylene thus produced is passed through Acetylene Purifier where it get react with regenerative type purifying mass for removal of impurities like H2S, Phosgene are removed. A inline Ammonia scrubber is provided for removal of ammonia gas, acetylene is finally compressed to working pressure with help of a compressor, filtered & dried with Acetylene filters & driers and finally filled to Cylinders that contains Porus Monolithic Mass and acetone. (acetone is charged as per cylinder weight i.e. for a cylinder of 7 kg Acetylene gas capacity 4 kg acetone is charged by weight)

Small / Transportable Acetylene Filling Plant
Small / Transportable Acetylene Filling Plant

Utilities Required

  • General utilities required for production of 1 Kg acetylene Gas
  • 3 Kg Calcium Carbide
  • 3.5 KWH Electricity
  • 20 Liters of Water
  • 10 Gms Calcium Chloride