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Just about everything that we consume or use has been analyzed in a lab at some point in time. And that would not be possible without high-purity specialty gases. Instruments calibrated with specialty gas mixtures are used to monitor air, water and ground pollution, test car exhausts, control processes and insulate windows – to mention a few. Given the sheer diversity of the analysis and instrumentation spectrum, lab operators need a reliable gases partner who can deliver the widest range of high-purity gases and mixtures. Even more to the point, however, they need trained and experienced experts who understand their individual application needs.

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As a leading supplier of specialty gases generators and specialty equipment, we can help you maximise productivity in your lab environment by delivering the precise gas or gas mixture you need and backing this up with value-added services and high-tech equipment. Regardless of whether you are specialised in chemical composition analysis, clinical applications or quality-critical manufacturing, you can rely on us to deliver customised solutions to raise efficiency and accuracy levels within your workflow. Because precision matters in everything we do