heat treatment

Raising the bar for sintering quality

Heat treatment involves controlling numerous parameters in order to achieve specific metallurgical properties in a given material. We offer technologies and in-depth know-how to enable precision control of some of the most critical parameters within the various heat treatment processes. In addition, we provide the full range of gases to form furnace atmospheres.

From the brochure ‘Heat treatment with a difference’.

  • Annealing

In annealing nitrogen or hydrogen based atmospheres are required to achieve the bright surface finish. We have developed technologies to optimize atmosphere costs, ensure atmosphere uniformity and thus maximize part quality.

  • Furnace Brazing

Furnace brazing requires atmospheres to facilitate excellent braze joints and better surface quality in mass production. Our technologies enable companies to control and optimize furnace conditions to achieve higher productivity and increased surface quality. In addition, optimized atmosphere compositions reduce total costs.

  • Carburising & Carbonitriding

In thermo-chemical processes such as carburizing, precise carbon potential control is essential to achieve the desired product specifications. Our systems provide leading atmosphere supply and control functionality for furnaces to address these demanding conditions

  • Neutral Hardening

Neutral hardening is the most common method to harden metals through heating and quenching. We offer gases and technologies to avoid oxidation and decarburization in the most cost-effective way possible.

  • Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Nitriding and nitrocarburizing can help you increase surface wear resistance. This requires a safe and reliable supply of ammonia in order to achieve excellent process results. In addition to supplying the required gases, we also provide you with leading process know-how.

  • Powder Metal Sintering

Powder metal sintering requires specific gas atmospheres in order to assist de-lubrication and to avoid decarburization. In addition to supplying the required gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, we offer leading technologies to control the carbon potential and the uniformity of the sintered parts.

  • Sub-Zero Treatment

Sub-zero treatments using liquid nitrogen help to improve mechanical properties such as hardness and wear resistance. In addition to liquid nitrogen generators, we also offer cryogenic cooling equipment in various standard and tailored sizes to improve efficiency, lower heat loss and reduce gas consumption.