fumigation pest control

Helping you find the fumigation process best suited to your pre- and post-harvest pest control needs

There are a number of ways of controlling the insects and diseases that can threaten a harvested crop or felled wood. In the past, farmers and agricultural fumigators typically relied on gases such as methyl bromide. However, these products present various environmental and health challenges.

Due to its high ozone-depletion potential, methyl bromide is being phased out globally under the Montreal Protocol. This is driving demand for viable alternatives. In other words, solutions that match the effectiveness of methyl bromide but improve the environmental performance of fumigation activities.

Based on industrial gases and specialty gas mixtures, we have developed a range of innovative fumigants to pre-treat soil against insects, diseases, nematodes and weeds, and to post-treat harvested and stored products. Regardless of your specific fumigation challenge, we can offer you a solution that is safe, effective and kind to the environment. The benefits of our gases include improved penetration characteristics and shorter treatment times compared with conventional approaches.

Ideal for Bakeries

Carbon dioxide (CO 2) and nitrogen (N 2 ) are natural products and incredibly effective in preventing pest and insect infestation in dry ingredients such as flour. If your bakery has already been infested by insects, we also have a special range of fumigants engineered to deal with that problem.