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Optimising cutting, welding, heating and surfacing applications with a full line-up of application technologies, supply solutions, high-purity gases, bespoke mixtures and support services

Welding involves joining two or more pieces of metal to form a single workpiece. The welding melt is generated through an intense heat source, such as oxygen and fuel gas, an electrical arc or a laser. A similar source of intense heat is also used in cutting processes – although here the aim is to separate a piece of metal. In heating and surfacing applications, heat is applied to alter the surface finish of fabricated parts to ensure the desired performance. Some or all of these processes are essential in just about every industry. Depending on the metal and desired results, various application techniques, hardware, apparatus and gases or gas mixtures are required.

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We have long-standing expertise in all welding, cutting, heating and surfacing applications. We cover the full spectrum, from reliable supply solutions and proven, innovative equipment through customised designs to high-purity and bespoke gases and gas mixtures. Regardless of your material, application challenges or productivity goals, our consultants can engineer and optimise a solution tailored to your individual needs.

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