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Maximising process efficiency in the leisure and hospitality business by combining ease of service with conveniently packaged gas products and accessories

In the leisure and hospitality business, convenience and speed of service are top priorities. Regardless of whether you need gases systems for beverage dispensing, home welding, event decoration or home entertainment, we can simplify and accelerate your entire process flow.

  • Event Decoration

If you are considering giving your party or special event an extra lift, we can provide attractive, portable balloon gas cylinders/systems, equipment and accessories in the sizes and packages you need. We also make sure you have easy access to all the safety information and installation assistance you need to ensure your event is a success.

  • Hospitality – Beverage Dispensing

If you run a bar or restaurant, for example, you can depend on our expertise and resources to support you in the day-to-day management of your dispense activities. We can advise you on the dispense option best suited to your needs, scale this as your business grows and ensure you benefit from the latest technologies.

Our dispense offering extends far beyond food-grade carbon dioxide and equipment,

  • Home & Hobby

Here we combine our wide range of portable products and accessories with comprehensive technical and safety information to make sure our gases are used correctly in your home environment.

Regardless of whether you need gases for welding, heating or barbequing, doing business with us couldn’t be easier, faster or more reliable.