water treatment processes

Working with you to identify the best solution and gas supply concept to manage your water and wastewater treatment requirements at all stages of the water treatment cycle

we have vast experience in designing and delivering all types and sizes of wastewater oxygenation solutions to resolve your operational and technical challenges. Our innovative range of oxygenation solutions injects oxygen at critical points in the treatment process flow to increase capacity permanently or temporarily. Suited to all basin geometries, it is is a fast, flexible and efficient way to resolve oxygenation problems, protect sewer networks, control odours and stabilise process disruptions. We also design and deliver ozone supply schemes for advanced oxidation needs and the removal of micropollutants, agricultural residues and emerging environmental contaminants.

We deliver process technologies and gases to help you meet your pH control challenges. A properly designed pH control system based on carbon dioxide (CO2) is a safe and effective way of reducing pH before the next process step. When dissolved in water, CO2 forms carbonic acid and reduces the pH value to the appropriate level, thus neutralising the water. CO2 is a more environmentally acceptable solution than mineral acids and is a more cost-effective way of resolving pH control challenges. In fact, the use of CO2 as a pH control agent for alkali wastewater is recognised as the safest and most accurate method of controlling pH levels in water before it is released to downstream biological wastewater treatment processes or municipal receiving works.

Our team has a wealth of experience in industrial and municipal water treatment applications at all stages of the water cycle. To ensure the best fit for your needs, our experts will team up with you to engineer a complete package spanning gas storage, process design, control, metering and injection in the following areas:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Surface water protection
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Water treatment chemicals

All of our water treatment systems come with an appropriate on- site industrial gas supply scheme as standard. Depending on your volume requirements, the size or capacity of our  on-site generation system is designed.