Air Filter / Oil Filters for IR and Kirloskar Compressor:

Sourced from some of the leading names in their definite field of operation, suction air filters and oil filters are offered in customer specific configurations. Our suction air filters find usage in air cooled compressor and water cooled compressors for I/R . These air filters are available in ex-stock with us, as per the OEM Specifications.

   We also offer:airFilter

  • Panel filters with silencers having 5 micron efficiency
  • Paper filter element with 25 micron efficiency
  • Complete filters with body.

Pistons & Cylinders for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

We offer an assortment of pistons and cylinders in customer specified configurations. Our pistons are developed using graded cast iron & aluminium alloys along with perfect machining.

Ready stocks of our range are available for:piston

  • Aircooled compressors
  • Watercooled compressors
  • Lubricated type & non lubricated type of unitsThe pistons are also offered by us in their original specifications, dimensions and material of constructions. Use of graded cast iron to manufacture cylinders that too in OEM specifications, makes it ideal for use in all:
  • Aircooled compressors
  • Watercooled compressorsThe bore and length of these cylinders is sustained as per OEM to ensure stroke and air/gas flow along with performance of the unit.

Some of the construction features of our range include:

  • Perfectly bored & honed on vertical boring machine and honing machine
  • Correct & permissible tolerances
  • Top/bottom surfaces are duly ground & drilled with proper fixtures to ensure proper assembly with related parts

Piston Rings/ Wearing Rings for IR and Kirloskar Compressor :

Various grades of piston rings / wearing rings are available with us in ready stock. We can supply all types of piston rings and guide rings following material of construction:piston01

  • Cast iron
  • PTFE
  • Thermoplastic Our range can be customized as per the specifications, drawings or samples provided by our customers.

Salient features of our array include:piston02

  • Perfect roundness
  • Spring tension as per the applications
  • Long life
    Our piston / wearing rings are used in lubricated and non lubricated compressor units. For lubricated compressor we have individual cast iron piston ring that has 45o angle cut / glass filled PTFE. For non lubricated unit, our range is available with thermoplastics, carbon filled PTFE and Bronze filled PTFE.
    In addition, we also offer unloader piston rings, in glass filled PTFE and Bronze Mettalic rings.

Valve & Valve Parts for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

When it comes to durable valves and valve parts, then we are the first choice of our clients. We offer 2 types of channel valves, round and rectangular. These find usage in reciprocating type compressors for lubricated / non-lubricated type of units. To utilize utmost flow and ensure perfect sealing,

 The product has exclusive designs of:valve

  • Valve seat
  • Stop plate
  • Plate seat
  • Channel and Spring set.
  • Wear Strip.
  • Type 30 Valve.
  • Inlet Valve and Discharge Valve.Holder guide (metallic) are machined with OEM tolerance. This can considerably improve the valves’ life. The plate seats have MOC of stainless steel and are heat treated and perfectly micro finished on both side & lapped.We also offer finger valve / concentric valve assembly / valve parts to our clients. Our valve seat, stop plate & valve bolts conform to OEM specifications. The concentric valves available with us are ready for shipment.The valve plates are appropriately heat treated and Micro finished ascertaining leak proof valve assembly. In addition, spring plates, finger valves and spacer plates are also heat treated, grounded & engineered to ensure highest operating efficiency against high temperature and pressure of the unit.

Cross Head for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

We offer a range of cross head to our clients, as per drawing or samples provided by them. Our cross heads are used in the water-cooled unit. Having MOC of individual aluminium alloy casting.

The cross heads have following characteristics:cross

  • Fully machined with proper tolerance
  • Clearance is maintained between crosshead and guide (dist piece)
  • Possess fine pitch to match the thread with piston rod
    We also provide different pin cross heads that have steel as their MOC. These possess a hardened ground and hollow from inside to ensure proper oil pressure of the unit. Some of the construction attributes of our durable pin cross head are as follows:
  • Both ends of pin are grooved for locking arrangement by retainer ring
  • Outer surface of pin is drilled on equal distance to match the hole with bronze X-head pin bush
  • Both ends are closed; one by cap & other by plug
  • Perfect tolerance is maintained to slide feet in crosshead bore.

Connecting Rods for IR and Kirloskar Compressor :

Our team of procuring agents ensures to source only the best quality connecting rods. These durable connecting rods are offered in various material of construction, MOC, of aluminum, SG iron & forging and leaded bronze. Their salient features include corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and dimensional accuracy. .

Construction features of our connecting rods:rods_for_IR

  • Machined on both sides
  • Centre distance between big end & small end is maintained to ensure perfect straightness & perfect boring of big end & small end
  • Big end & small end are perfectly bored to match original clearances with steel bush for air cooled unit & aluminium / bronze floating bushes for water cooled unit
  • Forged connecting rods are drilled internally to maintain lubrication & oil pressure of unit.

Crank Pin Bush for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

Popular for its durability and rust resistance, crank pin bushes are available with us in ex-stock mode for prompt shipment.

Our steel bushing is used in air cooled compressors and is appreciated for its features of:crankpin

  • Proper heat treatment
  • Maintained tolerances with internal / external grinding and smooth / shining surface

·  Internal surface matches the dimension of crank pin with easy hand press sliding & external surface with big end of connecting rod to ensure easy assembly We also offer aluminum main bearings / crank pin bushings that are known as full floating bearing bush and find usage on forged crankshaft for water cooled units.

Our aluminum main bearing bush is in one piece having an axial cut and has the capability of carrying radial as well as thrust load. Crank pin bush (two halves) is a precision bush that does not require any adjustment. All our bearing bushes are developed from perfect composition with aluminium ingots. These are heat treated and complete machined with groove in center. These are also drilled to make oil film for perfect lubrication & retaining correct oil pressure.

Main Bearing Housing for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

Known for their durability and dimensional preciseness, M.B. housings aremainBearing offered by us in standard as well as in client specified configurations, drawing or samples. These are widely used in various compressors and highly appreciated for their corrosion resistance, ideal tolerance and long service life. The quality of our range is ensured during their stocking in our warehouse, which enables us to meet the bulk and immediate demands of our clients, within the stipulated time frame.

Outer Head / Frame Head for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

One of our most popular compressors spares parts, outer head / frame headouter_head can be availed from us in both standard and customized configurations, as per the definite demands of our clients. These heads possess features of simple to install, corrosion resistance, ideal tolerance and high tensile strength. To meet the bulk and prompt demands for the outer heads / frame heads, we possess a well managed warehousing facility.

Gascuts/Oil Seal/O Rings for IR and kirloskar Compressor :

We carry a comprehensive range of gaskets which is available ex-stock for prompt shipment. Our ‘O’ rings are used for I/R & KPC compressors and are available in various material of constructions such as:gascuts

  • Neoprene
  • Viton
  • Nitrite
  • Silicon rubberOur array has standard thickness and roundness as per the OEM specifications. The gaskets are available with us in different sizes and are used for I/R & KPC compressors.Their materials of construction include:
  • Asbestos
  • Non asbestos
  • Spiral steel
  • Ring gasket of solid copper/solid aluminium
  • Copper asbestos
  • Aluminum asbestos Offered in proper standard thickness & roundness, these are available in ex-stock with us. Moreover, we also carry a spectrum of standard oil seals with S.S. spring to grip with various sizes of I/R  compressors.

Bushes and Thrust Washers :

We offer a wide range of Bushes and Thrust Washers, which are comprising ofbushes main bearings, big end bearings, intermediate bearings, half sections of bearings, thrust washers, small end bushes, oil pump bushes, cam bushes which are made out of steel back white metal, white metal, steel back copper and lead alloys, aluminium alloys, bronze, phosphor bronze, antimony, closed grained cast irons, aluminium bronze etc.

Compressor Scrapper Ring :

We also design  All Types of  C/I   & Bronze  Scrapper Ring Set , Oil Packing Ring Sets & Poly Tetra Flouro Ethane (PTEF) for air compressor.
It main purpose to stop air pressure which checks the entry of oil particles in process air.

Some of our Scrapper ring  Features:compressor

  • Prefect roundness and size
  • High Quality Raw material
  • Low wear and tear during running

Intercoolers, Aftercoolers :

We also provide air compressor Intercooler and aftercooler to our clients at our industry leading prices. The intercooler consists of straight copper tube bundle supportes with S.S. plates.The  aftercooler is cylinderical tank filled with air coils. in both air is cooled by circulating air. Many more heat exchanger are being manufactured as per drawings with material which is selected by our clients.intercooler

Some of their construction features are –

  • Prefect Buffer support plates
  • Prefect Drilling and machining to ensure easy installation