Temperature Scan Indicators :

Temprature_ScanThe Temperature  Indicator conveniently measures the temperature of several channels. It indicates on a digital display the channel being scanned at a regular interval of time, which is adjustable from 1 sec.to approx. 30 secs.per channel. The instrument accepts inputs from sensors through terminal strips situated on the back panel and available range  form -200oC to 1000oC

Thermocouples Sensors :

thermocouples_SensorsTemperature sensors are of various types depending on temperature, application, medium, environment and instruments being used for temperature of liquids, Air /Gas / Vapour, Semi-solids / Powders and solid surfaces     having accuracy –

  • For Thermocouples :  + 2.2oC or + 1% of range whichever is greater
  • For RTD :  + 1oC or + 1% of the range whichever is greater.

Gas Analyzers :

gas_analyzersWe offer online, digital, electronic analysers with mounting & portable type for monitoring purities of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and other gases. This indicator is a convenient and handly instrument for field applications where a quick, easy and accurate measurement of oxygen is required. The sensor being located within the instrument requires the gas sample to be delivered to inlet port. This instrument is ideal where the sample is available at a slight positive pressure.