liquid1The Liquid Oxygen Pump is a single acting piston pump. It is used for filling Oxygen into Cylinders up to a pressure of 165 kgs./cm2. The pump is designed for assembly in air separation unit that works by pumping liquid Oxygen and gasifying the same in Heat Exchangers for final filling as gas in Cylinders. Control of liquid feed is not necessary, because the pump is designed in accordance with the plant size and the liquid produced is constantly pumped off. The drive unit is similar to any reciprocating machine with the Crank Shaft, Flywheel, Connecting Rod, Cross Head, etc. The Liquid Oxygen Pump consists of a stainless steel inside liner with liquid inlet and evaporated gas outlet ports. There are no valves on these ports, which are closed by the piston itself on the pressure stroke. The third outlet is the main discharge outlet with the two non-return ball valves. The two ball valves remain firmly closed during suction stroke, due to high pressure in partly filled cylinders. To ensure that these valves are fully closed, a positive pressure of about 60 kgs/cms2 must be maintained on it. When a fresh batch of cylinders is taken for filling, open the manifold valve slowly or use a spare batch of cylinders to ensure positive pressure on these valves. It is made from finely selected material for longer life and better performance.

We also Offer Cryogenic Pump for Gas Filling to cylinders from tank for Following gases-

  • Liquid oxygen
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Liquid Argon
  • Liquid Carbon dioxide
  • Liquid Ammonia

Special features for Cryogenic Pump

  • The Cold End is Stanted upward by 10 Degrees to assist degassing of the Pump
  • Cylinder and to prevent accumulation of Gas in the Suction Chamber Prior to Startup and During Operation.
  • Specially Designed Hat Seal and Special Seals remain Flexible even at extreme low temperature.
  • Crank Drive have Connections for an Optional Nitrogen Purge
  • Piston Head Made of Aluminum Bronze Allowing Safer Operation.
  • The Flexible suction and return line sections are also slanted are made as short as possible so that pump can placed very closed to tank pod.
  • Vacuum jacketed cold end helps minimizing heat Loss and reduce Liquid loss.