Oxygen Purity Apparatus :

The purity of Oxygen is determined by Orsat Apparatus. The Purity of Oxygen to the tune of 99% and above only is called product oxygen. Our purity apparatus can measure oxygen purity up to 99.99%. it is provided on wooden stand and original Boro Silicate glass vessels –oxygen

Features of our purity apparatus-

  • Carefully Marked to ensure Prefect reading
  • Heat and Chemical Resistant vessels
  • Fully Laminate coated ensures easy cleaning

Glan Packing :

We also provide glan packing used to stop leakage of air or fluid in Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant.
These are offered in various sizes –PTFE-Fibre-Braided-Packing

  • 5mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12.5mm

Gascuts :

Our gasecuts are used in different places in all the plants. Their material of construction is Aluminum or Copper with or without  fill from inside
Salient features of our array include:gascuts1

  • Perfect roundness and size
  • Long life


perlite_powderThis Powder is used to prevent any loss of cooling in the Air Separation Column & Expansion Engine . This Powder has Got Long Life & Good Insulation Properties to maintain the Satisfactory Functioning of Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant.


WATER-SOFTNER-PLANT-RESINHigh Quality Resin is Used for the softening of Water to Prevent Scaling of Compressor. This keeps The Intercoolers Clean and Thereby ensuring Non Stop flow of water and complete cooling of Air Compressor.