Block :

We also offer Liquid oxygen pump   block . it is the main part of the Liquid oxygen pump   and the product pressure depends upon its design. our Liquid oxygen pump   is made from  S.S. steel . It is customized as per user Requirements and drawings.

Some of our Liquid oxygen pump Block Features:-block1

  • Machined to high accuracy
  • Full Forged Iron

Special type Block also made on customer request and requirements

Steel Liner :

We also offer Liner for Liquid oxygen pump  . it is the main part of the expansion engine and the product pressure and filling depends upon its designed as it is more accurate more productivity . our piston is made from fully automatic machines for maintaining production of plant.

Some of our Liquid oxygen pump Block features:-steelliner

  • Fully SS
  • Tested material
  • Fully machined with proper tolerance

Rings :

Our piston rings are known for their leak proof operation
Piston Rings for Liquid oxygen pump   made with imported special grade Teflon for long lasting performance.

Some of our Expansion Engine Ring Features are:–rings

  • Prefect Roundness
  • Imported Raw material used
  • Long life Guaranteed
  • Glass filled black GUIDE Ring

Non Reture Valve :

Made using high quality BRASS, we also offer these in S.S. Steel  which can be customized as per the industry requirements. These are available at industry leading prices to our clients.nonreturnvalve

Some of Non Return valve features are:–

  • Fully Machined on Automatic machines
  • 100% Leak proof Guarantee

Cross Head :

We offer a range of cross head to our clients, as per drawing or samples provided by them having MOC of IRON alloy casting.

The cross heads have following characteristics:crosshead

  • Fully machined with proper tolerance
  • Clearance is maintained between crosshead and guide (dist piece)
  • Possess fine pitch to match the thread with piston rod

Some of the construction attributes of our durable pin cross head are as follows:

  • Both ends of pin are grooved for locking arrangement by retainer ring
  • Outer surface of pin is drilled on equal distance to match the hole with bronze X-head pin bush
  • Both ends are closed; one by cap & other by plug
  • Perfect tolerance is maintained to slide feet in crosshead bore

Connecting Rod :

Our team of procuring agents ensures to source only the best quality connecting rod. . Their salient features include corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and dimensional accuracy. .

Construction features of our connecting rods:connecting_rod1

  • Machined on both sides
  • Centre distance between big end & small end is maintained to ensure perfect straightness & perfect boring of big end & small end
  • Forged connecting rods are drilled internally to maintain lubrication & oil pressure of unit.