Cutting Torch :

Cutting torch is best suitable for cutting M.S. up to 300mm (12”) thick & C.I. up to 75mm (3”) thick. These are used with either dissolved acetylene from cylinders or with generated acetylene.cuttingtorch

Following are some of the essential of our product:

  • The Cutting Torch is supplied with nozzle sizes A-3/64” and A-1/16” suitable for cutting M.S. up to 100mm (4”) thick.
  • Additional nozzles to cover the range from 100mm to 300mm are also available.

Heavy Duty Cutting Torch :

Heavy duty cutting torch which are widely used for cutting heavy metals and is heavydutycuttingwidely used in various industrial purposes. Manufactured as per client’s design specifications, our torch is a extra heavy duty cutting torch (NM Cutting Blow Pipe) has been designed to meet specific requirements of industries involved in cutting up to 150 mm.

Low Pressure Welding Torch :

Low pressure welding torch are manufactured in different sizes in order to suit various welding applications. Each of its component is designed in order to give high performance.low_Pressure_Welding_torch

Following are some of the key features of our product:-

  • Easy in operation for comfort of the operator.
  • Safe and reliable in use
  • Long lasting service
  • Trouble free use

Single Stage Regulator :

singleStageSingle stage regulator with Inlet Connection fits CGA standard Cylinder valve
or industrial gases like Oxygen, Acetylene etc.
Inlet Gauge Oxygen : 250kg/cm2
Inlet Gauge Acetylene : 40 kg/cm2
Delivery Range Oxygen : 0-10 kg/cm2
Delivery Range Acetylene : 0-1 kg/cm2

Double Stage Regulator :

double_StageThis regulator is designed to meet the special requirement of Industries where working pressure up to 50 kg/cm2 is required for the industrial gases like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc.
Inlet gauge: 250 kg/cm2
Outlet gauge: 100 kg/cm2
Delivery Range: 0-50 kg/cm2

Argon / Carbon-DI-Oxide Regulator :

argonIndustrial duty solid brass Argon / Co2 gas regulator that delivers accurate regulation of both Argon and/or CO2 gases in various commercial and industrial applications. The regulator has large diameter gauges for convenient reading of tank pressure and flow rate. The body of the regulator is machined from A- class bar stock and have large adjustment knobs for “light touch” flow settings. This regulators has sintered bronze inlet filter and the outlet fittings are standard, thus assuring safety & operational excellence.

L.P.G. Regulator :

L.P.G. Regulator is  8 pin type cooking gas regulators are specially designed to meet the requirement of industries using cooking gas. These are widely demanded in the industry because their quality features and cost efficiency.

Following are some of the features of our product: –lpg Regulator

  • Durability
  • Simple in use
  • Defect free
  • String in construct

GAS Rubber Hoses :

Rubber hose pipes are available for oxygen & acetylene etc. purposes. Available in double bead for heavy duty work, these are Offered ingasRubber

  • 6.5 mm
  • 8 mm
  • 10 mm DIameter