water softner plantWater Softeners are high technology equipments which remove amounts of excess minerals like calcium and magnesium from water, making it soft. It is used to remove ions that cause hardness in water. The process involves using ion exchangers, designed to remove ions, which are positively charged. Water softeners mainly remove calcium and magnesium ions and sometimes may also remove iron ions. These plant  use sodium as the exchange ion and are supplied from dissolved sodium chloride salt. The core of a water softener is a mineral tank, filled with polystyrene beads or resin carrying negative charge. Since minerals like calcium and magnesium carry positive charge, they are attracted and absorbed by the negatively charged beads, as the hard water passes through the tank. Synthetic resin beads or natural zeolites act as the exchange medium. Hardened minerals are collected in a conditioning tank and flushed out from time to time. Our water softener plants fitted with control valve  and with in-built ejector system, multi port valve for compact design.                                    

Application of Water Softeners :                               

  • Boilers & Cooling water feed
  • Furnaces
  • Industrial Gas plants
  • Health products/drinks


                                                  Technical Data –

Model No. Flow Rate (lit/hr) Cap./Reg.in M3@ 100 ppm as TH
S- 6 600 6
S – 8 900 10
S – 10 1,400 18
S – 12 3,000 30
S – 15 4,500 40
S – 18 7500 70
S – 21 9,500 100